Reimagine Windows – PART 1

Windows 8 is the fresh new operating system from Fortuine 37 company Microsoft. Soon to hit the public market in, the operating system was released to manufacturers on August 1, 2012. It offers a highly interactive new start screen and boasts new fluid design and smooth and intuitive access.

Windows 8 Microsoft release

If you have used a Windows Phone 7 in the past, you will see the visual similarities instantly. The “tiles” being active and update in real time, allow you to see websites, playlists, photo albums, contacts, and apps all in one glance making intearcting with content faster and easier than ever.

Microsoft is truly integrating their products by using SkyDrive. SkyDrive was also avaialble on WindowsPhone7 and can now be accessed with your PC and is used to store your data in a “cloud.” With the cloud, you can start a project in one place and finish it in another without losing your data!

For our gamers, the Xbox has even been given some “play” with the new OS, allowing you to access apps, videos, music, and play them all directly through your 8 microsoft training classes

The last thing we will touch on in part one is the Windows Store, “designed for discovery” the Windows Store makes it easy to find apps without getting lost. Through category seaches and top app listings you can find compelling new releases in an organized fashion.

Now that you have a little glmipse into whats new for consumers, when you come back, we will go into what it does for businesses and developers.

By Jonelle Fisher


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