7 Reasons for Windows 8 – Part 2

Back for more Windows 8 news? Not only does the look and feel of the OS have Microsoft fans in frenzy but the new device line up is also impressive. The hardware is designed to deliver a great experience with more sleek elegant lines and now use low-power CPUs that allow you to stay connected longer. Great news for our moible users! Tablets come pre-loaded with 3G and 4G compatibility and even have a built-in mobile broadband meter protecting you from those outrageous bills.

1.     “Line –of –Business” Apps: This allows IT administrator to provide a USB drive with hosted information and software, although once that USB is removed, so is the data.

2.     DirectAccess: Is remote users to securely access information without the need of a VPN.

3.     BranchCache: Saves time downloading data, BranchCache downloads files locally and hosts them rather than repeatedly downloading them.

4.     Trusted Boot: Ewuipped with UEFI 2.3.1 this feature protects the integrity of the boot process such as the kernel, critical drivers, and system files.

5.     BitLocker: Encrypts corporate data on mobile PCs that include the TPM chip. BitLocker supports encrypted drivers, pre encrypted from the manufacturer and a variety of different business needs.tampa classes training courses certifications

6.     AppLocker: Control which apps are allowed to run on your employees’ PCs.

7.     Smart Screen: Protect yourself from malicious sites and software! SmartScreen turns on at startup and will validate the reputation of all new apps or sites.

Say goodbye to the tablet + PC combo! The new Windows 8 tablets bring together the convenience of mobility and the productivity of a PC. Come back  to learn more on the tablets!


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