Training Budgets Up!

Training classes company budget            After spending a few years struggling through the recession, companies are finally gaining the courage to venture out and spend a little money to enhance the skills of their employees to benefit their company.

As they should be, companies are looking for employees with experience, talent, certifications and potential. However, these kind of employees are becoming more scarce due to lack of training. “With a scarcity of skilled talent in the labor market, companies realize they cannot solve their skills shortages externally,” according to the Bersin & Associates report.

Fear not; in the technology world we all know the go-to solution to fix a problem- reboot. Companies are “rebooting” their training budgets and finding that it is well worth the money spent. “To achieve competitive advantage, they (companies) must commit to developing the right skills internally.”
Training classes company budget

With training companies now offering more onsite, online and customized training companies are able to minimize some of the additional expenses associated with training.

Last year the cost per training hour was the lowest it has been in the
last six years, and training companies are continuing to do all they can to keep the cost low. The combined efforts of companies increasing their training budget and training companies keeping their prices low gives the corporate world hope for the remainder of 2012.

By: Julie Brito


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