Google competing with Microsoft; however, Microsoft isn’t worried.

Google, Microsoft, business applications, cloud services

As Google continues to grow as a company, they have decided to go after Microsoft’s business.  Over the last few years, they have released many new platforms to compete with the long standing corporation (Gmail, Android OS, Cloud Services, etc.). Now, Google has recently decided to go after Microsoft’s major income, their business applications.  However, Microsoft isn’t that worried about Google taking over their business in this industry.

General Manager of Microsoft’s business division Julia White has been quoted as saying to the New York Times that Google, “has not yet shown they are truly serious,” and “From the outside, they are an advertising company.”

Google continues to grow its enterprise businesses, such as Google Apps and Google Cloud Services, which compete directly with Microsoft. Amit Singh, Google’s head of enterprise, announced that the company’s goal of taking 90 percent of the Microsoft Office users. Business Insider says, “Only 4 percent of Google’s revenue in 2011 came from its enterprise services, while 96 percent came from advertising.”

Office 365, released in June 2011, gave users the ability of using the software in the cloud, which is direct competition for Google Docs.

White is also documented in saying that Office 365 is, “on track to be our fastest-growing business.” And if Google wants to be a serious competitor, it would have to “Provide a quality experience” in areas like “privacy, data handling and security.”

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