Keep your phone dry and save yourself the headache!


How many old ways have you tried to dry out your smartphone?  Have you put it in the freezer?  Have you tried keeping it in rice?  How about wrapping them in six socks and putting it in the oven at a low heat? ( I personally do not suggest this one; however, I did know someone who did this and it worked.)  As time goes on, people come up with more and more creative ways to drying out their smartphones.  However, the best way to keep your phone dry is to keep it from getting wet in the first place.

P2i, a British based firm, has developed a “liquid repellent nano-coating” technology that can be sprayed onto a solid surfaces and repel nearly all forms of liquid.

This coating lowers the object’s surface energy with a patented chemical, causing liquids to bead up on contact and roll off the coating without ever being absorbed.

The chemical itself is completely naked to the human eye.  This means once any smartphone, or any electronic device for that matter, has been coated.  It will still be physically indistinguishable from before.

The chemical engineer who developed the technology, Stephen Coulson, had this to say, “You look at it and you can’t see any changes, but when you drop water on it, it will just bead up and drop off. Most importantly, the internals will also be protected to prevent corrosion damage.”

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