Microsoft wants to assist Dell with a public buyout

Dell, Microsoft

Raising a lot of brows and a hot topic around a lot of water coolers this week is the news that computer giant Dell wants to privatize the company.  The big question is, “Who will assist them? And for what price?”  Well, the newest angle from this story is that Microsoft may be one of the buyout participants.

Microsoft is in talks of putting one to three billion dollars toward a deal for Dell, in reports from CNBC.  No acquisition has been set in stone yet; however, Michael Dell, Dell founder, reportedly wants to buy out for around $13 to $14 a share.

The major questions now are, “Why would Microsoft do it?” and, “Is this the most sensible undertaking for both Dell and Microsoft?”

Dell and Microsoft have worked together for years and by all means could Microsoft afford this business deal.  Even at a total loss, three billion dollars would not destroy them.

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