Samsung to release new feature! Apple and BlackBerry should be concerned!

Knox, Samsung, BlackBerry, Apple

The new announcement from Samsung will give Apple a run for its money and completely shutout BlackBerry.

As reported by Business Insider, early this week Samsung announced that it will be releasing Samsung Knox, its latest technology.  Samsung Knox is a new feature that will allow you to divide your phone in half, one side for work and the other for your personal life.

Samsung Knox is available on any SAFE-certified phone.  That would be the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II at the moment.

BlackBerry Balance is the similar feature currently offered from BlackBerry.  Wired reported Doug Miller, said that the main problem for BlackBerry is that few consumers are choosing to buy a BlackBerry personal use so a feature that splits business and personal may have less appeal.  Miller did give BlackBerry credit for recognizing this need.

As far as Apple goes, Forbes reported that even though Android dominates the personal market, but is behind the Apple iPhone in enterprise.  This may be due to the fact that Android’s security is believed to be weaker than Apple’s.

VMware, a software company, was hoping to bring a Knox-like feature to the iPhone; however, that would require Apple to let VMware to fiddle with Apple’s iOS.  That did not happen.

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More Businesses using Microsoft’s Office 365!

Microsoft, Office 365, Red Cross

The Red Crescent Societies and the International Federation of Red Cross (:IFRC) has decide to use the Office 365 from the software giant Microsoft Corp. .  Both entries signed a global Enterprise Agreement based on a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The reasoning for using the Office software is to supply the IFRC’s National Societies with advanced technologies like cloud computing.  It will also assist in document sharing to their over 1 million workforce, volunteers and staff.  Office 365 will also help reduce their IT expenses through cloud computing by saving their document to the cloud.

Some Red Cross Societies, such as the American Red Cross Society and the Danish Red Cross Society, have already implemented Office 365 successfully.  Other societies are expected to deploy Office 365 soon.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Is a subscription and cloud based software and service.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is gaining traction in the market.  It is being implemented in J. C. Penney Company Inc. as well as the Texas Department of Information Resources.

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3D Desktop Interface not that far off!

SpaceTop, 3D

They now have computers that can be controlled through gestures, that’s right gestures, but how about a computer monitor with the ability to read your gestures and have a 3D interface?  According to Jinha Lee, the creator of a 3D desktop when he interned at Microsoft Applied Sciences Group, stated that the future could be closer than you think.

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad student, Lee showed off his SpaceTop 3D desktop interface at this weeks TED conference in Long Beach, California.

Using a transparent LED display and two cameras, one to track the user’s gestures and the other to watch the user’s eye movements to adjust the projection, the SpaceTop 3D interface will make it so users can interact with 3D graphics, like documents and websites, with their hands as if they were physical objects.

Unlike the Xobx Kinect, The SpaceTop interface is actually used by you literally reach your hands under the computer screen to navigate and used the 3D projections.

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World’s Fastest Smartphone, but it is not made by Samsung or Apple!

Smartphone, Huawei, Ericsson, Cisco, Apple, Samsung, World's Fastest

We all know how Apple and Samsung are the dominate the smartphone market; however, you will never guess who is coming up on their trail.  Huawei, yes Chinese company Huawei, introduced the world’s fastest smartphone at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Most of us Americans have never even heard of Huawei.  I actually owned one for a short period of time and let me tell you, they can hold there own against Samsung and Apple.  Huawei is actually a very large company in China.  Most of the business that Huawei does is networking and telecommunications equipment.  They have overtaken Ericsson to become the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world.  Huawei is also aggressively competing with Cisco in networking equipment.

Huawei is newer to the smartphone market, but they are making giant strides.  According to IDC, research firm, in the last quarter of  2012, Huawei was in third place in smartphone sales just behind Apple and Samsung.

The Ascend P2 is the now the world’s fastest smartphone.  This new Huawei phone supports LTE Cat 4.  Cat 4 will allow data rates up to 150 Mbps.  That is five times faster then the service at my house.

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A new Dell gadget designed for people who Travel for Business!

Netflix, Android, Google, Dell, Ophelia

Dell is now attempting to get rid of the idea of carrying around a laptop or notebook anywhere you have to go.  Project Ophelia is an Android-powered device that you will be able to plug into any TV or monitor giving you access to any of the apps or local files in the Google Play store.  It looks like a USB flash drive with an HDMI plug and will cost less than $100.

Instead of dragging you laptop everywhere you travel, now all you have to do is carry this “dongle”, as its being called at the current moment, into any screen you find with an HDMI port. If you have the right tools, you can use it exactly like you laptop.

All you will have to do is connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to get around on Android.  Next, you will need to install office tools like QuickOffice Pro, using the built-in Wi-Fi, and you will be able to work from any hotel room.  Ophelia, at this point, has 8GB of internal storage; however, you can expand the memory with the microSD card slot.

PocketCloud’s Remote Desktop service allows you to access your personal computer from Android or iOS devices.  Once you have that remote desktop service, you can literally care you home or work computer on your key chain.

Another nice perk, Ophelia is Google-accredited too.  This means you will have full access to the Google Play store.  If you need a break from work you can pull up Netflix or Angry Birds.

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Keeping Google Glass different then your Smartphone!

Smartphone, Google Glass, Google

Scot Huffman, Google‘s vice president of engineering, has said, “One thing that we’re really excited about and working hard on is transforming the way that people interact with Google.”

Huffman is talking about Google’s latest creation, Google Glass.  What he is talking about in the above statement is the way we interact with a search engine, and all of its associated products.

“If you think about a great assistant…they don’t interrupt you every few minutes””It’s the opposite of the experience on your phone today,” Huffman stated, referring to how intrusive our smartphones have become.  Google is trying to change all of that with Google Glass. “We are trying to think of it as…your assistant is ubiquitously with you.”

Under the development at the Google X Lab, Glass is the most provocative way, or your main touch point with Google, might interact with you.

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Google concerned over Samsung’s Next Move!

Samsung, Google, Appple

Apple Inc.’s dominance in the mobile market have dwindled due largely in fact by Samsung Electronics Co.’s and Google Inc.’s partnership; however, new tension has surfaced between the two.

Google is worried that Samsung has become so large that they could throw their weight around to renegotiate their arrangement and go after Google’s lucrative mobile-ad business.

While top executives from the mobile industry meet in Barcelona, Google is meeting with other companies to see if their Android devices can keep compete enough against Samsung in order to keep them in line.  Google is also hoping that new Android devices from HTC Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. can challenge Samsung.

Google and Samsung have both declined to comment.

Inside Google, open discussions do occur about concerns with Samsung.

Andy Rubin, one of the heads at Android, praised Samsung’s success and said the partnership had been mutually beneficial.  However, Mr. Rubin also said that Samsung could become a threat to Google if it gains more ground among the Android device market.

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