User are getting annoyed with Facebook. Many of them need a break.

Users, Facebook

Anymore, people stay connected in several different ways, but one of the largest ways to stay connected is through social media.  The biggest social media network, Facebook, is accessible on your phone, your computer,  and even on some television.  Some people are now saying they need a rest from all the social networking.

Facebook Fatigue may be setting in with some users, according to new research.  Out of all the Facebook users surveyed, 27 percent say they plan on spending less time on the site.  In comparison, only about 3 percent said they would be spending more time on Facebook  in 2013.  The remaining 69 percent of Facebook users said they are planing on spending the same amount of time on the site.

61 percent of Facebook users have taken a break from the service for several weeks at a time or more, according to the Pew study.  Most users do not delete their profiles while on vacation from Facebook.

Pew also found that tow thirds of Americans have an account with Facebook.

The reasons for users to take a break from Facebook  are all over the map.  21 percent of people are are saying they were just to busy with real-life responsibilities to spend time reading posts, liking and commenting.  another 10 percent called it a waste of time, while yet another 10 percent said it was caused from a lack of interest.  9 percent of Facebook users said they get tired with the amount of drama and gossip on the site.  Only 4 percent of people mentioned mentioned privacy and security concerns as their reasons for taking a break.

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