Cyber Security! The numbers may surprise you!

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Washington has released dire warnings about a “cyber Pearl Harbor”, stating that one surprise strike for a formidable enemy could destroy power plants, disable the financial system, or even cripple the U.S. government.

However, those on the forefront it is not all about protecting corporate networks or the U.S. government from a single attack.  They have to fight of many intrusions from dozens of countries at any given time.  This doesn’t even include the well-funded electronic guerrillas and skilled criminals.

Security officers and their consultants are overworked.  The attacks not only come from China, but many come out of Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Western countries.  The attacker themselves can range from elite military units to organized criminal rings, to even activist teenagers.

John McClurg, Dell’s chief security officer, said, “They outspend us and they outman us in almost every way,” “I don’t recall, in my adult life, a more challenging time.”

The big issue is when hackers steal or damage critical data, sabotage infrastructure or destroy consumers’ confidence in the safety of their information, which could cause a severe and very costly disruption to major companies or government agencies.

Mandiant Corp. and elite security firm, published a 74-page report Monday that accused a unit of the Chinese Army of stealing data from more that 100 companies.  Even though China immediately denied these claims, Mandiant and other security experts say the hacker group in question is just on of more than 20 with origins in China.  `

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