Google concerned over Samsung’s Next Move!

Samsung, Google, Appple

Apple Inc.’s dominance in the mobile market have dwindled due largely in fact by Samsung Electronics Co.’s and Google Inc.’s partnership; however, new tension has surfaced between the two.

Google is worried that Samsung has become so large that they could throw their weight around to renegotiate their arrangement and go after Google’s lucrative mobile-ad business.

While top executives from the mobile industry meet in Barcelona, Google is meeting with other companies to see if their Android devices can keep compete enough against Samsung in order to keep them in line.  Google is also hoping that new Android devices from HTC Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. can challenge Samsung.

Google and Samsung have both declined to comment.

Inside Google, open discussions do occur about concerns with Samsung.

Andy Rubin, one of the heads at Android, praised Samsung’s success and said the partnership had been mutually beneficial.  However, Mr. Rubin also said that Samsung could become a threat to Google if it gains more ground among the Android device market.

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