Keeping Google Glass different then your Smartphone!

Smartphone, Google Glass, Google

Scot Huffman, Google‘s vice president of engineering, has said, “One thing that we’re really excited about and working hard on is transforming the way that people interact with Google.”

Huffman is talking about Google’s latest creation, Google Glass.  What he is talking about in the above statement is the way we interact with a search engine, and all of its associated products.

“If you think about a great assistant…they don’t interrupt you every few minutes””It’s the opposite of the experience on your phone today,” Huffman stated, referring to how intrusive our smartphones have become.  Google is trying to change all of that with Google Glass. “We are trying to think of it as…your assistant is ubiquitously with you.”

Under the development at the Google X Lab, Glass is the most provocative way, or your main touch point with Google, might interact with you.

If you would like to learn more about Google Glass, Click here.

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