A new Dell gadget designed for people who Travel for Business!

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Dell is now attempting to get rid of the idea of carrying around a laptop or notebook anywhere you have to go.  Project Ophelia is an Android-powered device that you will be able to plug into any TV or monitor giving you access to any of the apps or local files in the Google Play store.  It looks like a USB flash drive with an HDMI plug and will cost less than $100.

Instead of dragging you laptop everywhere you travel, now all you have to do is carry this “dongle”, as its being called at the current moment, into any screen you find with an HDMI port. If you have the right tools, you can use it exactly like you laptop.

All you will have to do is connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to get around on Android.  Next, you will need to install office tools like QuickOffice Pro, using the built-in Wi-Fi, and you will be able to work from any hotel room.  Ophelia, at this point, has 8GB of internal storage; however, you can expand the memory with the microSD card slot.

PocketCloud’s Remote Desktop service allows you to access your personal computer from Android or iOS devices.  Once you have that remote desktop service, you can literally care you home or work computer on your key chain.

Another nice perk, Ophelia is Google-accredited too.  This means you will have full access to the Google Play store.  If you need a break from work you can pull up Netflix or Angry Birds.

If you would like to learn more about the Google Android powered Dell’s Project Ophelia, Click Here.

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