3D Desktop Interface not that far off!

SpaceTop, 3D

They now have computers that can be controlled through gestures, that’s right gestures, but how about a computer monitor with the ability to read your gestures and have a 3D interface?  According to Jinha Lee, the creator of a 3D desktop when he interned at Microsoft Applied Sciences Group, stated that the future could be closer than you think.

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad student, Lee showed off his SpaceTop 3D desktop interface at this weeks TED conference in Long Beach, California.

Using a transparent LED display and two cameras, one to track the user’s gestures and the other to watch the user’s eye movements to adjust the projection, the SpaceTop 3D interface will make it so users can interact with 3D graphics, like documents and websites, with their hands as if they were physical objects.

Unlike the Xobx Kinect, The SpaceTop interface is actually used by you literally reach your hands under the computer screen to navigate and used the 3D projections.

If you would like to read more about the SpaceTop 3D Interface, Click Here.

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