Samsung to release new feature! Apple and BlackBerry should be concerned!

Knox, Samsung, BlackBerry, Apple

The new announcement from Samsung will give Apple a run for its money and completely shutout BlackBerry.

As reported by Business Insider, early this week Samsung announced that it will be releasing Samsung Knox, its latest technology.  Samsung Knox is a new feature that will allow you to divide your phone in half, one side for work and the other for your personal life.

Samsung Knox is available on any SAFE-certified phone.  That would be the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II at the moment.

BlackBerry Balance is the similar feature currently offered from BlackBerry.  Wired reported Doug Miller, said that the main problem for BlackBerry is that few consumers are choosing to buy a BlackBerry personal use so a feature that splits business and personal may have less appeal.  Miller did give BlackBerry credit for recognizing this need.

As far as Apple goes, Forbes reported that even though Android dominates the personal market, but is behind the Apple iPhone in enterprise.  This may be due to the fact that Android’s security is believed to be weaker than Apple’s.

VMware, a software company, was hoping to bring a Knox-like feature to the iPhone; however, that would require Apple to let VMware to fiddle with Apple’s iOS.  That did not happen.

If you would like to learn more on Samsung Knox, Click Here.

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