Facebook to make changes to the News Feed Today!

News Feed, Facebook

Users of the social media giant, Facebook, are sharing more about themselves as time goes on and today we are all going to learn how Facebook wants us to consume that shared information.  Today, the company is holding a press conference at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California to introduce the new News Feed.

Facebook invited reporters to an event last week, stating they would get to “see a new look for the News Feed.”  Many technology news sites expect Facebook to introduce a new image-enhanced version of the News Feed for both the Web and Mobile phones.

TechCrunch has said that Facebook will launch a series of feeds that will allow users to view shared information based on different types of content.  The feed will include larger images and ads, according to the tech website.

CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, suggested at a redesign months ago.  “As our news ffed design evolves to show richer kinds of stories, that opens up new opportunities to offer different kinds of ads as well,”  “One of the product design principles that we’ve always had is we want the organic content to be of the same basic types as the paid content, right?”

If you would like to read more about Facebook’s Changes to their News Feed, Click here.

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