Will Microsoft wait for “Blue” to update Windows 8 Core Apps?

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There has been some concern over whether the Microsoft Windows team would wait until the “Blue” upgrade to Windows RT and Windows 8 to renew the Microsoft-developed, first-party apps that come with the operating system.

According to the rumor mill, that is just not the case.  Updates for Windows Mail, Calender, Music, and Games apps for Windows RT and Windows 8 may be coming as soon as this month.

Microsoft officials is refusing to comment at this time.  Blue is the code name for the operating system refresh for Windows 8 and Windows RT, as well as a number of other Microsoft products.

Microsoft official have admitted that the first-party apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT have some room for improvement.  Many users have complained about the Mail and Music apps, stating they seem more like beta apps.  Many Windows 8 and Windows RT users feel that even through these apps are free, they just are not very good.

Some changes have been made by Microsoft between the time that Windows 8 and Windows RT were released to manufacturing and when they went on sale.  While there have been some minor refreshes to the Xbox Music app for Windows 8, not much more has happened on the first-party app front.

If you would like to read more about Microsoft’s updates to their build in apps, Click here.

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