Samsung reveals Galaxy S4, Apple might be feeling the heat already!

Galaxy S4, Apple, Samsung, Tampa

As the battle heats up, Samsung Electronics Co. has recently showcased it’s latest flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4.  The Galaxy S4 has been given a bigger display and some unorthodox features such as gesture controls to help battle Apple Inc on its own home field.

The Galaxy S4, the first in Samsung’g highly successful Galaxy S-series line to make a global debut on U.S. soil, was revealed last night at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan.  Some of the industries experts were very impressed with the Galaxy S4 and its features, make it difficult for Apple to overcome.

Have you ever tried watching a video on your phone and missed out on some because of distractions?  Not on the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Samsung has added a feature that starts and stops videos depending on whether or not the user is looking at the screen.  You will also able to wave your hand to switch back and forth between photos and songs.

Chief telecom analyst at IT research outfit Ovum, Jan Dawson, had this to say about Samsung’s Galaxy S4’s newest features, “[These] are good steps in this direction, but they can be seen as gimmicks rather than game changers.  At this point, Samsung appears to be trying to kill the competition with sheer volume of new features.”

“For now, Samsung can likely rely on its vastly superior marketing budget and the relatively weak efforts of its competitors in software to keep it ahead.”

Whether the Samsung Galaxy S4 is successful or a big failure will be a crucial in their battle against Apple, which may be beginning to feel the heat.

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