Amazon wants to add more services!

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Wanting to add to their huge variety of services and products, Amazon appears to be talking to various music labels about staring a music subscription service.

According to “multiple sources” the talks “have been described as very informal.”

Amazon may be wanting to create an on-demand service for music, pretty similar to Spotify.  As their Kindles grow in popularity,  Amazon may be looking to compete with Apple‘s iTunes service.

In the last year, Amazon has added new features to its music buying program.  Amazon has implemented a Cloud Player which allows users to stream, download and manage their music using Amazon servers.  They even have an iPhone app for their Cloud Player.

Amazon has also added “scan and match” to Cloud Player.  This features allows Amazon to scan a user’s Windows Media Player or iTunes libraries in order to match their music to those in the Amazon catalog.  Then, all those songs, even though they are from multiple places, are available in Cloud Player.

Amazon has most recently released AutoRip.  AutoRip give the consumers free digital versions of their music CDs from Amazon.  These files will be stored in Amazon’s data centers and available to be downloaded through the cloud player,

If you would like to read the original story about Amazon’s Music Services, Click Here.

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