Will BlackBerry be able to save itself with the Z10 or Will Apple and Android take them out?

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As the BlackBerry launches the new BlackBerry Z10 in the U.S. on AT&T, a lot is still up in the air on whether the new phone will stir consumers enough to make them believe in BlackBerry again.  Not only does it have to impress consumers, but the BlackBerry Z10 will also have to entice developers to make new applications.  Not only all that, but the BlackBerry Z10 also has to lure enterprise customers to buy the new server software to manage Android phones and iPhones as well as BlackBerry Devices.

With their shares being up more than 35 percent this year, an average of 65 million shares have been traded daily, Investors are clearly optimistic about BlackBerry’s future.  But because of today’s BlackBerry Z10 launch, those hopes must begin to face the music.  Will there be long lines for the Z10? Will their be any shortages?  Then, there is the biggest question of all: Is there enough room for a third mobile phone platform in this fast paced mobile arena?

According to IDC, Android is hugely in the lead with 70 percent of the smartphone market during Q4 in 2012.  For the majority, Android means Samsung these days; Samsung is still the only profitable maker of Android phones, because of this Samsung is the only one able to spend a decent amount of money on marketing.  Longtime telecom industry analyst, Chetan Sharma says that unless other Android phone makers like HTC, LG and Motorola can “score a surprise hit” with one of their new phones, they can pretty much just write 2013 off as a failure.

We cannot forget about Apple.  Even though Android has really taken the lead and out sold Apple’s iOS platform,  their phones are way more profitable.  Apple’s stock was down 13 percent in 2013; however, they are selling 10 times as many phones than BlackBerry can even imagine.

Carriers would much rather prefer to have many different smartphone vendors, because they want more pricing power.  This just doesn’t seem to be the case.

The future of BlackBerry is still uncertain; however we will keep everyone up-to-date on BlackBerry’s story.

If you would like to read more on what the experts think, Click Here.

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