Will the new BlackBerry 10 models and operating system be able save the company?

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With the release of BlackBerry‘s Z10 and the corporate re-branding, BlackBerry has apparently re-energized the company that started the smartphone revolution.

Although, BlackBerry has lost a lot of their market control, as their stock dropped form it’s market price of $61 in Jan. 2010 to $6.30 back in Sept. 2012, while its smartphone market share dropped to 5%.  So, the BlackBerry 10 Launch was very much anticipated, especially after the delays and the need to rebuild the confidence of CIOs, developers, and the end-users that still remain loyal to the company.

According to Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry, the introduction of the all-touch Z10 and the Qwerty Q10 devices represent only the beginning of BlackBerry’s business and brand transformation.  The new models are a targeted effort to deliver an innovative and differentiated end-user experience rather than the former Research in Motion’s Previous traditional strong tech-specs focus.

There are a lot of early indicators of how well the new BlackBerry 10 models and Operating System will fare; however, it is still extremely early to predict these numbers and we will probably have to wait  at least a couple of quarters before we know how well the company is actually doing.  With that being said, the early signs seem to be looking pretty good.

If you would like to read more about the future of BlackBerry, Click Here.

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