The two software giants, Microsoft and Google, are entering a whole new market!

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Google and Microsoft emerge as personal computer makers.  This may seem odd, due to the fact that both Microsoft and Google are software companies; however, they are both jumping in the hardware market.

As little as 3 years ago, most people would have thought you to be insane for thinking that either one of these corporations making personal computers.  Some people might have made the argument that Microsoft would have angered their partners forcing them to make their own personal computers, but why would Google make a laptop?

It is 2013 now and we have Surface Pro.  The Microsoft executive in charge of Surface Pro , Panos Panay, has been quoted as saying, “[Surface Pro was]…designed as a PC”.  It is also clear that the Google Chromebook Pixel is a laptop.

Since none of us know the future, who knows how all of this is going to end up.  What we do know is that Microsoft is not going away.  In all honesty, it looks like Microsoft will expand with its Surface lineup.  We also know at this point that Google has firm ground to stand on.  I do not believe that the Google Chromebook Pixel isn’t going to be a one-time deal.

If you are interested in reading more on how both Microsoft and Google are now making personal computers, Click Here.

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