Apple to release a 60-inch TV later this year. We have some of the predicted features.

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While visiting the China-Taiwan tech supply chain in attempts to discover Apple‘s latest project, Topeka Capital’s Brian White stumbled across the “iRing.”

In his latest research note that was issued today, White confirmed his predictions that Apple will realize their 60-inch iTV later this year for around $1,500 to $2,500, just depending on how many bells and whistles you decide to get.  White also stated that the 60-inch iTV would come with an iRing, a small device that is placed on the consumer’s finger and is used as a pointer, taking some of the functions of the remote control.

White also believes that Apple will also release a “mini iTV” with screens for watching TV as well as other applications like Home security and video conferencing.  White wrote:

Essentially, we believe the “mini iTV” screens will be able to capture from the 60-inch “iTV” across a distance of up to 200 meters, allowing a user to view “iTV” content in the kitchen, washroom, garage, bedroom, backyard, etc.  We believe Apple will offer one “mini iTV” per “iTV” but package options will include up to four screens (i.e., one screen is part of the standard package and pay extra for each additional).

White also believes that Apple’s rumored iWatch will also be integral to the iTV system.

If you would like to read more about the 60-inch Apple TV, Click here.

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