BlackBerry makes some major Announcements about some of their new releases at BlackBerry Live!

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If there has been on thing that BlackBerry has been wanting to tell the world it’s the message that they are back in the game.

Thorston Heins, CEO of BlackBerry, is quoted as saying at his keynote address during BlackBerry Live on Tuesday, “It hasn’t been that easy, and there’s still a lot of work to do, but man, have we reached a solid ground with this company.”

BlackBerry gave us a lot of insight to were they will be headed in the near future, and boy was there a lot.  They announced that they will be releasing a device in the form of a budget-friendly BlackBerry Q5.  They also announced the release of the updated BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10.1.  One of the major milestones was that their are now 120,000 apps available to BlackBerry users; however, probably the most shocking announcement was BlackBerry’s decision to open up BlackBerry Messenger to Multiple platforms, starting with iOS and Android.

All of these announcements were released in order to build excitement and momentum at BlackBerry.  Over the last few months, BlackBerry has launched a brand new platform, worked to repair its scarred reputation and fleshed out its product portfolio to three products.

If you would like to read more about BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry’s latest announcements, Click Here.

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