Fastest growing game on Xbox Live Arcade, but why is “State of Decay” so popular.

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Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios has released some shocking news about the success of their new game, “State of Decay”.  The week after its June 5th release, “State of Decay” has surpassed 500,000 paid downloads.  This huge achievement makes, “State of Decay” the fastest selling original game ever on Xbox Live Arcade.

“State of Decay” is an innovative zombie survival game offering a unique spin of open world action, strategy and roleplaying.  You can download the free trial or purchase the full game for 1600 Microsoft Points from the Xbox Live Marketplace today.

Undead Labs, a Seattle-based development firm, has been working hard since the release rolling out updates to the game.  The first title update has already been released and the second title update is in the final certification process as we speak.  Undead Labs works directly with the game’s players through their Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the official “State of Decay” forums.  The content of the the title updates is determined directly from player’s feedback of the game.

If you would like to read more on “State of Decay” and Undead Labs, you can either check out their Forums or Click Here.

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