There are changes to Microsoft’s Xbox One before its even released!

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While Sony’s PlayStation 4  took the lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One in technical specifications and high performance elements when the two consoles were first announced, you can expect to see some changes before November.

At Gamescon, in Cologne, Germany, Product Chief Marc Whitten brought up the Xbox One.  During Gamescon, Whitten announced that Microsoft has made some improvements  to the Xbox One gaming console, including a six percent increase to the graphic processing unit’s speed form 800 Megahertz to 853 Megahertz.

When first announced, the earliest of the two consoles put Sony’s PlayStation 4 far in the lead in a number of aspects.  For instance, The PlayStation 4 will have around triple the memory bandwidth of Microsoft’s Xbox One.  In a nut shell, the PlayStation 4 will be able to communicate with all of its components a lot faster than Microsoft’s Xbox One will, at least where it stands now.  Another current advantage that Sony has is its 8 Gigabytes of 5500-Megahertz GDDR5 RAM, compared to Xbox One’s 8 Gigabytes of DDR3 RAM that is clocking around 2133 Megahertz.  The faster speeds of the PlayStation 4 will help games perform and load faster with less lag.  The PlayStation 4 also has a higher-performing graphics processor.

Even though Microsoft has increased the graphic processor of the Xbox One, it really may not be able to catch to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Specifications.  Microsoft, however, is sending a different kind of message.  Microsoft could continue to make changes to the Xbox One to make it more powerful in the months before the November release of both consoles.

What Microsoft does have a few things that can help it out.  The consoles success does not rely on its power alone.  Another key factor is the line up of games it will offer.  If the Xbox One can have better exclusive games than the PlayStation 4, then they may just have a superior console on its hands.  Even if Microsoft got an earlier release date on the bigger name multi-console games, this would put Xbox One at a greater advantage.  Another thing that Whitten said was that Microsoft has been working on making developing a lot simpler for the Xbox One.  This could pull some developers from Sony’s PlayStation 4.

If you would like to read more on the changes being made to Microsoft’s Xbox One, Click Here.

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