Netflix has rolled out profiles in order to recommend better shows to individual viewers!

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Have you ever been looking through your Netflix for Mad Men and wondered who watched Pretty Little Liars? Well Netflix has stepped up to the plate on this one.  Their latest addition to their streaming services will let families and friends who share the same account to set up user profiles so that Netflix can actually suggest recommendations that you will want to watch,

The user accounts, which where introduced last Thursday, can divide a single Netflix Account into five different profiles at no additional cost from the standard $8 a month.  Netflix is hoping that its 37.6 million users will add the profile feature to their accounts in order to assist Netflix recommendation system to determine difference between viewers with drastically different tastes.

Before the release of different users accounts, it was very difficult for for Netflix to decipher between different viewers preferences.  Netflix was unable to tell the difference between a dad watching The Walking dead and his daughter watching Rugrats.  This would result in Netflix giving mismatched suggestions that would include content for mature audiences and child-friendly programming.

Neil Hunt, Netflix’s chief product officer, is quoted in saying, “If the kids have been watching a lot of Shaun the Sheep, that doesn’t particularly help us help you find the next gritty drama to watch after they have gone to bed.”

If you would like to read about the new Netflix Profiles, Click Here.

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