Microsoft is Showcasing Office 365 Customers that got rid of Google Apps!

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There is a lot of companies that pay for office suites; however, with only two more days until Google‘s I/O show, Microsoft has decided to showcase three that picked Office 365 after trying Google Apps.

Google may have gotten out of the gates early with their apps such as, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, but Microsoft’s huge customer base, who are already comfortable with their products, are natural candidates for upgrading to Microsoft’s Office 365 online suite.

Microsoft is showing off how Sensia Halsovard, Sepco III, and Arysta LifeScience decided to use Office 365 after having deployed or piloted Google Apps.

Arysta LifeScience  got rid of Google Apps due to their staff being dissatisfied with Google Apps’ shared calender and offline usability limits, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft and Google constantly compete over services.  Microsoft has also recently said that Caltex Australia, Santa Clara County, and FHI 360 have all selected Office 365.  FHI 360 said they choose Microsoft because Office 365 had the only cloud-computing option that complied with their needs for security and HIPAA health-care regulations.

Microsoft also fired shots at Google Apps features shortcomings even as Google won a 20,000 employee contract with the city of Boston.

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Why is Microsoft Excel training so important to your business?

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There is a need for businesses to operate smoothly on a daily basis in order to find success.  Successful companies are efficient and have extremely productive employees through technology.  One way to greatly increase a company’s productivity and efficiency is through Microsoft Excel.

Most business are already using Microsoft Excel; however the full potential of this software is not usually completely utilized without Microsoft Excel training.  When you offer your staff education, you will see more perks than you originally expected.

Most employees want to perform great work.  What this means is that they are constantly looking for ways to make themselves more efficient and productive.  With Microsoft Excel training, your staff will have a broad variety of invaluable tools.  Microsoft Excel is full of shortcuts and commands that are built in to assist users in finishing their jobs quickly. You will be surprised at how much more productive you employees will become after learning tricks within Excel.

At many companies, most of the IT employee’s time is used for resolving software issues for other staff members.  If your staff have received the proper Microsoft Excel Training, then they will be able to fix their own issues.  This will also free up the IT department so that they can dedicate their time to complete their own projects.

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Microsoft wants to Offer Office 365 University to Students for up to six months FREE!

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Microsoft has announced their plan to offer Office 365 software to students with up to six months of free access.  Office 365 is a cloud-based software suite originally launched back  in 2011.

If a student has a qualifying .edu e-mail address, Microsoft is offering to let them try Office 365 University for three months as well as 20GB of SkyDrive storage for free.  These qualifying students can receive another three months free just by sharing the offer on Facebook.

Microsoft is hoping to entice students with Office 365 and SkyDrive’s cloud storage with a more touch-friendly design for tablets and touch-screen laptops.  The idea is to get these students to purchase the product by starting them out on a free period.

Microsoft’s Office 365 University comes with word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access all for $79.99.  It also comes with 20GB of online storage through SkyDrive and 60 minutes of Skype calls per month.

Microsoft’s office 365 is already gaining traction in the business market as it recently launched its online version.  By offering this free trial, Microsoft Office 365’s presence in the education sector should show significant growth.

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Will Microsoft wait for “Blue” to update Windows 8 Core Apps?

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There has been some concern over whether the Microsoft Windows team would wait until the “Blue” upgrade to Windows RT and Windows 8 to renew the Microsoft-developed, first-party apps that come with the operating system.

According to the rumor mill, that is just not the case.  Updates for Windows Mail, Calender, Music, and Games apps for Windows RT and Windows 8 may be coming as soon as this month.

Microsoft officials is refusing to comment at this time.  Blue is the code name for the operating system refresh for Windows 8 and Windows RT, as well as a number of other Microsoft products.

Microsoft official have admitted that the first-party apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT have some room for improvement.  Many users have complained about the Mail and Music apps, stating they seem more like beta apps.  Many Windows 8 and Windows RT users feel that even through these apps are free, they just are not very good.

Some changes have been made by Microsoft between the time that Windows 8 and Windows RT were released to manufacturing and when they went on sale.  While there have been some minor refreshes to the Xbox Music app for Windows 8, not much more has happened on the first-party app front.

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Microsoft drops Hotmail? User will be moved to!

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Today, industry giant Microsoft has announced that its new webmail service,, is leaving beta testing and is now ready for the big leagues. now has 60 million users and will now replace, which has been up and running since 1997.

Hotmail users will still have their email addresses and their emails and contacts will be transferred over, they will now just get a new user interface and features of  Microsoft expects the Hotmail users upgrades to be completed by this summer. was designed with a similar look and feel as Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.  One of its new feature, Sweep, can move newsletters, promotional messages and other recurring emails into their own folders or the trash.

For more information on the Hotmail change over to, Click here.

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Microsoft Office 2013 Releases Today. They are Offering a New Way to Pay.

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After months of testing, Microsoft Office 2013 is being released today.  Microsoft Office 2013 has refreshed its looks and feel to be more visually similar to Windows 8.

Instead of paying for Microsoft Office 2013 all at once, Microsoft has decided to start offering superscription fees annually.  Microsoft Office 2013’s Home Premium, which includes such business basics as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook will cost $99.99 a year and include automatic software updates, 20GB of extra storage of SkyDrive (Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Service), 60 Skype World minutes, and use of Microsoft Office 2013 on up to five different devices.  This subscription plan would be a wise investment for most small businesses wanting to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013.

Microsoft Office 2013’s University edition will cost only $79.99 for four years; however, you will only be able to use it on two devices and this software subscription can only be renewed once at this price.

Microsoft Office 2013 will still be available for a one time price of $219.99; however, the whole push that Microsoft is trying to do with these subscriptions is to have their software update constantly, like a website or application.

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