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Yahoo joins Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google by releasing personal information to the Government.

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Along with the other major corporations recently, Yahoo has declared that they will be releasing all of the requests made buy the U.S. authorities for information about their users.

The announcement to place late Monday night Pacific Time by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and and General Counsel Ron Bell via blog post.  This is the first of its kind by Yahoo and was very similar to the statements made by Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook.

I attempts to preserve the trust of their users, Yahoo  said that between December 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013, it received between 12,000 and 13,000 requests for information, which until earlier in June companies were not allowed to release.

Apple said that they had handled 4,000 to 5,000 requests during the same time period.

Yahoo has also added that the “most common of these requests concerned fraud, homicides, kidnapping, and other criminal investigations” rather than classified requests.

However, Yahoo did not say how many user accounts were associated with these requests, like Apple and Facebook did.

Yahoo did say that later this summer they would begin issuing a twice-a-year “global law enforcement transparency report.”

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What are your Facebook Likes telling people about you?

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According to a study released today, What you like on Facebook may be revealing your personality traits, your intelligence  and even your sexual orientation.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have studied the likes of 58,000 Facebook users.  The study showed them that they could determine users’ IQ, gender, sexual orientation, political, religious beliefs, and even substance abuse by users’ likes on Facebook with an accuracy rate of more than 80 percent.

Likes on Facebook for such things as photos, friends’ status updates, as well as pages for music, sports, and books were all analyzed by researchers.  When their findings were compared to user-provided demographics, researchers learned they had correctly predicted sexual orientation 88 percent of the time, ethnicity 95 percent of the time, and political views 85 percent of the time.

These researchers have been quoted as saying, “This study demonstrates the degree to which relatively basic digital records of human behavior can be used to automatically and accurately estimate a wide range of personal attributes that people would typically assume to be private.”  “Likes represent a very generic class of digital records, similar to Web search queries, Web browsing history, and credit card purchases,” “In contrast to these other sources of information, Facebook Likes are unusual in that they are currently publicly available by default.”

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Facebook to make changes to the News Feed Today!

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Users of the social media giant, Facebook, are sharing more about themselves as time goes on and today we are all going to learn how Facebook wants us to consume that shared information.  Today, the company is holding a press conference at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California to introduce the new News Feed.

Facebook invited reporters to an event last week, stating they would get to “see a new look for the News Feed.”  Many technology news sites expect Facebook to introduce a new image-enhanced version of the News Feed for both the Web and Mobile phones.

TechCrunch has said that Facebook will launch a series of feeds that will allow users to view shared information based on different types of content.  The feed will include larger images and ads, according to the tech website.

CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, suggested at a redesign months ago.  “As our news ffed design evolves to show richer kinds of stories, that opens up new opportunities to offer different kinds of ads as well,”  “One of the product design principles that we’ve always had is we want the organic content to be of the same basic types as the paid content, right?”

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Only one day after the Burger King account was attacked, see what other major company’s Twitter was hacked today!

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Just a day after the Burger King Twitter account hacking incident, Jeep has seemed to suffer the same fate.  Jeep’s hacked Twitter account says it has been bought out buy Cadillac.

Jeep’s Twitter account briefly features a brand new Cadillac ATS, and the tweets have been pouring out praising Cadillac in the same coarse seen on Burger King’s Twitter Account.

The Detroit Bureau pointed out the irony that Jeep, only a few minutes before the attack, tweeted about online security, specifically addressing the attack on Burger King’s Twitter account.

The fact that two high-profile accounts could be hacked in such a short period of time only goes to show that hackers have some reliable way to execute the attacks.  Twitter has no respond to the incidents only saying, “We don’t comment on individual accounts.”  Jeep did, however, tell NBC News that, “We’re aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.”  Jeep’s Twitter account has been reverted back to its original appearance.

The reason for the attacks is still unknown; however, both Cadillac and McDonalds deny any involvement in the attacks.

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Love life not the same? This may be the why!


Texting is often considered the bare minimum form of communication, especially when it comes to romance.  I mean confirming plans is one thing , but expressing deep emotions and feelings?  Now that’s a different story.

This was made clear when Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears quarterback, made fun at his fiance’s story about their second engagement and how she, reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, jumped to his defense.

Cavallari told E! News on an upcoming special about their wedding that, “I was in the airport, leaving Chicago … We had just spent however many days together and we were texting and somehow it came up, like, ‘Oh, shall we get married?’ We’re like, ‘Yeah, Okay.'”

The couple was first engaged in 2011 but broke up briefly before getting back together that same year.  Cutler got a lot of criticism over popping the question in such a causal way.  Cavallari begged people to leave him alone saying, “stop bashing Jay”.

For many younger couples, technology has given a new definition to romance and has not killed courting.

Habits like texting instead of speaking have many wondering if technology is getting in the way of true romance.  But let’s be honest, Chances are that many of the messages saved in your phone are more intimate than your standard pillow talk.

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User are getting annoyed with Facebook. Many of them need a break.

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Anymore, people stay connected in several different ways, but one of the largest ways to stay connected is through social media.  The biggest social media network, Facebook, is accessible on your phone, your computer,  and even on some television.  Some people are now saying they need a rest from all the social networking.

Facebook Fatigue may be setting in with some users, according to new research.  Out of all the Facebook users surveyed, 27 percent say they plan on spending less time on the site.  In comparison, only about 3 percent said they would be spending more time on Facebook  in 2013.  The remaining 69 percent of Facebook users said they are planing on spending the same amount of time on the site.

61 percent of Facebook users have taken a break from the service for several weeks at a time or more, according to the Pew study.  Most users do not delete their profiles while on vacation from Facebook.

Pew also found that tow thirds of Americans have an account with Facebook.

The reasons for users to take a break from Facebook  are all over the map.  21 percent of people are are saying they were just to busy with real-life responsibilities to spend time reading posts, liking and commenting.  another 10 percent called it a waste of time, while yet another 10 percent said it was caused from a lack of interest.  9 percent of Facebook users said they get tired with the amount of drama and gossip on the site.  Only 4 percent of people mentioned mentioned privacy and security concerns as their reasons for taking a break.

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