Graphene being dubbed the “Miracle Substance”, but what is it?

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Lately, the talk of the town has been graphene.  Experts are saying its going to be huge, but you may be asking yourself what is it and how can it be helpful?

Well, let’s just start with explaining what graphene is.  Graphene was first discovered at the University of Manchester in Great Britain by two scientists, who actually won a Nobel prize for the discover.  This means that no publicly traded company is going to have a lock on graphene; however, that is not stopping them from patenting how it can be used.  From Samsung and IBM to Nokia and Intel, all of these companies are trying to tap into its outstanding properties.

What is graphene?

Graphene is a carbon-based substance that is harder than diamonds yet is light than down fluff.   It  can conduct electricity better than copper, and even when it is as thin as just one atom it can work as a lattice for powering chips while being both transparent and flexible.  Graphene is being hailed as a “miracle substance”.

Experts are already saying the it could charge your cell phone in 30 seconds or even your electric car’s batteries in an hour.

Combining speed and size

Just to give an example, a battery stores a lot of energy, but it slowly charges and discharges.  On the other hand, a camera’s flash bulb charges and discharges rather quickly, but doesn’t have much storage.  Graphine has the ability to combine both of these features into a “supercapacitor” because it can charge and discharge very quickly while still holding lots of energy storage.  One of the best features of graphene is the fact that it is carbon-based, meaning it does absolutely no harm to the environment.

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