Free Microsoft IT Camp Events Coming To Florida!

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Microsoft is offering FREE Microsoft IT Camp for a deep dive into Microsoft’s Public and Private cloud offerings.

Just choose the series that best fits your needs.  Please remember that separate registration is required.

Series 1: Microsoft’s Public Cloud Series

In this series, you will learn all about Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-based computing services platform.  This free Microsoft IT Camp will  include hands demonstrations and interactive discussions with Microsoft technical experts.

These sessions will include:

  • Windows Azure – Lecture
  • Windows Server 2012 – Lecture
  • Microsoft Certifications – Lecture
  • Windows Azure – Hands-On Lab (Need Subscription)
  • Windows Server 2012 – Early Expert’s Overview (MVA and TechNet Virtual labs)

Series 2: Microsoft’s Private Cloud Series

In the second series, you will learn all about System Center SP1 and Windows Azure. Again, this free Microsoft IT Camp will  include hands demonstrations and interactive discussions with Microsoft technical experts.

These sessions will include:

  • System Center SP1 Coverage
  • Windows Server 2012 – Lecture
  • Windows Azure – Lecture
  • Windows Azure – Hands-On Lab (Need Subscription)
  • Windows Server 2012 – Early Expert’s Overview(MVA and TechNet Virtual Labs)

You will need to bring your own computer, laptop preferred, in order to participate in the afternoon hands-on lab sessions.

Microsoft IT Camp Schedule

Location                                      Series 1                                        Series 2

Orlando, Fl                                 3/6/2013                                        5/8/2013

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl                      3/7/2013                                        5/22/2013

West Palm Beach, Fl                 3/21/2013                                      6/5/2013

Gainesville, Fl                           4/3/2013                                        6/12/2013

Miami, Fl                                    4/4/2013                                       6/20/2013

Pensacola, Fl                            4/16/2013                                     5/1/2013

Jacksonville, Fl                         4/24/2013                                      6/17/2013

Tampa, Fl                                 4/25/2013                                      6/18/2013

If you would like to register for your FREE Microsoft IT Camp, Click here.


Microsoft Showcase on Windows Server 2012 & Windows 8

Microsoft Showcase on Windows Server 2012 & Windows 8

Join us and Blain Barton, Microsoft Senior IT Pro Evangelist, on Friday, Dec 14th, 2012 from 1-4 pm for this exclusive Executive briefing. Seating is limited so register today to reserve your seat. We will be demonstrating new functionality and integration of Window 8 & Windows Server 2012 in your corporate infrastructure.

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Windows Server 2012 Webinar

New Horizons is the first partner to offer a webinar on the newly announced Windows Server 2012! Window Server 2012 was recently named during the MMS 2012 keynote address and will launch later this year. Now, we are the first to offer customers an advanced look at the Windows Sever 2012 top 10 features from a Microsoft evangelist!

Presented by Rick Claus, Sr. Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, this demo-rich presentation gives our customers professional insights from Microsoft into the new technology still yet to be launched.

Windows Server 2012 Top Ten
Windows Server 2012 provides a dynamic, highly available and cost-effective server platform for the modern datacenter and the private cloud, which scales from a few individual servers all the way up to multitenant-aware, multisite environments. With the release of the next milestone of Windows Server 2012 – it has become apparent that this is one of the biggest releases of Windows Server since Windows 2000. That being said – there are so many new things that it can be overwhelming. Join Rick as he walks you through his personal “top 10” features / changes to the operating system that will have the biggest impact on your environment. This demo-heavy session is guaranteed to get you excited and ready to try them yourself.

View and register for this webinar at