Intel is making a big hairy deal with the South Korean film market!

Intel, Mr Go, Ling Ling, Dexter, Korea, Tampa

The Intel Corporation has a new business venture in South Korea and it doesn’t have to do with supplying Samsung Electronics with more hardware.  Intel has starting to assist the country in making three-dimensional movies.

Korean Animation technology is a little behind from their western counterparts.  This helps to explain why science fiction movies are not as popular in the big Korean film market.

Intel is testing that market by providing some of their high-end chips and cloud computing technologies to Dexter Studios for their upcoming film Mr. Go,  A new Korean movie that features a three-dimensional gorilla named Ling Ling.

President of Intel Korea, H. S. Lee, said at a news conference in Seoul last week, “For the depiction of a realistic move of a big wave, each and every drop of water is drawn through detailed and  complicated calculations of an equation.  The same goes for the movement of an (animal) fur.”

The film studio’s CG department, Dexter Digital, says that Ling Ling for Mr. Go comes with somewhere between two to 3 million strands of fur.

The planning and marketing director at Dexter, Lee Yoon-suk, had this to say, “Without the right hardware performance, it would have been impossible to make the movie.”

Dexter used supercomputers that ran the Intel’s Xeon E5 processors to make the film.

If you would like to read more on how Intel assisted in making Ling Ling a go, Click Here.

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