There are changes to Microsoft’s Xbox One before its even released!

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While Sony’s PlayStation 4  took the lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One in technical specifications and high performance elements when the two consoles were first announced, you can expect to see some changes before November.

At Gamescon, in Cologne, Germany, Product Chief Marc Whitten brought up the Xbox One.  During Gamescon, Whitten announced that Microsoft has made some improvements  to the Xbox One gaming console, including a six percent increase to the graphic processing unit’s speed form 800 Megahertz to 853 Megahertz.

When first announced, the earliest of the two consoles put Sony’s PlayStation 4 far in the lead in a number of aspects.  For instance, The PlayStation 4 will have around triple the memory bandwidth of Microsoft’s Xbox One.  In a nut shell, the PlayStation 4 will be able to communicate with all of its components a lot faster than Microsoft’s Xbox One will, at least where it stands now.  Another current advantage that Sony has is its 8 Gigabytes of 5500-Megahertz GDDR5 RAM, compared to Xbox One’s 8 Gigabytes of DDR3 RAM that is clocking around 2133 Megahertz.  The faster speeds of the PlayStation 4 will help games perform and load faster with less lag.  The PlayStation 4 also has a higher-performing graphics processor.

Even though Microsoft has increased the graphic processor of the Xbox One, it really may not be able to catch to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Specifications.  Microsoft, however, is sending a different kind of message.  Microsoft could continue to make changes to the Xbox One to make it more powerful in the months before the November release of both consoles.

What Microsoft does have a few things that can help it out.  The consoles success does not rely on its power alone.  Another key factor is the line up of games it will offer.  If the Xbox One can have better exclusive games than the PlayStation 4, then they may just have a superior console on its hands.  Even if Microsoft got an earlier release date on the bigger name multi-console games, this would put Xbox One at a greater advantage.  Another thing that Whitten said was that Microsoft has been working on making developing a lot simpler for the Xbox One.  This could pull some developers from Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One Vs. Sony’s PlayStation 4! A side by side comparison!

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Even though we still have 5 months to wait until the release of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the cyber world is buzzing over the next generation of gaming.

Microsoft has been putting together a larger and more impressive bunker of exclusive games, while Sony has been pulling back the restrictions on the PlayStation 4 Games and is also offering a $100 lower price.

With the releases of these next generation gaming consoles, excitement and brutality is almost guaranteed.


For the most part, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are very similar when it pertains to hardware, with just a few key differences.

The biggest difference in hardware between these two gaming titans, according to an analysis by Digital Foundry, is the type of RAM they use.  The PlayStation 4 will use 8GB GDDR5 RAM, while the Xbox One will be using 8GB of DDR3 RAM.  The Ram that will be used in the PlayStation 4 is the same type of RAM used by the majority of PC video cards and is optimized for graphics throughput.

Richard Leadbetter, from Digital Foundry, estimates the the PlayStation 4’s GPU could have almost 50% more raw Graphical computational power than than the one in the Xbox One.  This could translate to more visually appealing games on the PlayStation 4.

Here is a chart of each of the systems hardware, please click to enlarge..



Both Microsoft’s and Sony’s self-published title will obviously be exclusive to their own consoles.  So you shouldn’t expect Halo, Gears of War, or Fable on the PlayStation 4, nor should you expect Uncharted, Killzone, or Ratchet and Clank games on the Xbox One.

At E3 this year, Microsoft displayed many first party titles.  Key games would include Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, Quantum Break, Project Spark, Titanfall, and Forza 5.  Microsoft has also promised that all DLC (add-on downloadable content) for Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts would debut first on the Xbox One.

The big names from Sony to be exclusive on the PlayStation 4 include Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, Knack, The Order, The Dark Sorcerer, and 10 new indie titles.

Reports are saying that when it comes to custom content games, the Xbox One is the way to go.  The games just seem to be more exciting from Microsoft then they do from Sony.


The handheld controllers on both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are descendants form their predecessors.  Both come with a new look and feel; however, the layout on both are basically the same.

The Sony DualShock 4 does feature a clickable touch pad on the front.  This feature will give developers an additional option when designing games, although we have yet to see this feature in action.

The DualShock 4 also includes a “light bar” in the front that enables motion control. With the PlayStation 4’s Eye Camera to track the position and identify where the controller is actually located  and, if necessary, adjust the split screen orientation during multiplayer gaming. The Xbox One will accomplish this task by using the Kinect.  The Dual Shock 4 will also feature a share button for social interaction, a built in speaker, and a headphone jack.

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The PlayStation 4 has been revealed by Sony!

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The PlayStation 4, Sony‘s next-generation gaming system, promises remote and social capabilities.  The controller  resembles that of its predecessor, The PlayStation 3, but also includes a touchpad and a “share” button.

Sony said The PlayStation 4 will be part of a new ecosystem focused on hardware, software and “the fastest, most powerful gaming network.”

Although the Xbox 360 was released a year earlier than The PlayStation 3, Microsoft‘s game machine has been more popular, largely because of its strong online services, Xbox Live.

Understanding the importance of The PlayStation 4 and the U.S. market, Sony held the announcement event in New York instead of Japan.

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Apple and Samsung have the lead in the mobile market, but you may be surprised by their next competition!

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Even though Apple and Samsung pull in most of the profit from the mobile market, there are actually eight multinational companies that compete for the lead.  According to Canaccord Genuity, per Forbes, Apple earns 69% of all operating profits among all leading device makers, while their main competitor, Samsung, controls around 34%.  During 2012, Blackberry, LG, and HTC barely broke even, while Nokia, Motorola, and Sony operated at a loss.

Expected to gain more ground on Apple, Samsung’s is coming out with its Galaxy S IV smartphone.  Apple plans on releasing a cheaper iPhone later this year.  (From what I have read recently, Apple’s cheaper alternative is an iPhone Mini, which you can read more about on my January 10th post  Samsung has surpassed Apple in smartphone sales.)

The market also warns that Apple and Samsung will not remain on top forever.

Research in Motion and Nokia, Now known as Blackberry, dominated the industry’s profits back in 2008.  As consumer interest changes and technology evolves, different companies end up becoming competitors. Michael Walkley, a Canaccord analyst, believes that a company like Amazon, could be the snake in the grass in the mobile market.  Another theory is that Google‘s renewed focused on high-end devices with Motorola could really pay off.

He wrote, “The wild card out there would be somebody new, like an Amazon who has been disruptive to other hardware makers by being willing to sell tablets to break even,” and “Google with Motorola may also be getting more serious about making proprietary devices.”

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