How much are we really using the internet?!

 In today’s society we use more internet in 1 second than we used during the entire year of 1993!


That doesn’t really come as a surprise considering the moment we walk into a new place our first question is more than likely going to be, “What’s the password for your WiFi?”. With new technology coming out faster than we can keep up, we are finding ourselves constantly on the internet. Whether we’re just scrolling through Facebook to catch up with friends and family or we’re replying to a work email. Our internet usage has increased so much, in fact, that the world’s usage in a single second surpasses that which was used by the world in the entire year of 1993.

In 1993, only around 1-3% of classrooms and 23% percent of people had access to the internet, and it was not at all commercialized, though that would change completely by 1995. Now the internet is in nearly every household and every public building. You can almost get internet on any public street. It is reported that 1.2 billion people own and/or are using some kind of smartphone regularly, not to mention those who have them, but let them stay idle most of the time.

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New Horizons – Tampa Bay Featured in PMP Daily!


The PMP Daily is a web based “paper” that provides a multitude of information about Project Management. Everything from exam prep to Project Management tips! 

Yesterday’s PMP Daily included an Education section that we were featured in because here at New Horizons – Tampa Bay, we offer PMP training AND certification!

You may be wondering, “Why should I take the exam and become certified after my course?”

Our answer is, “Why not?!”! 

If you’re going to do the training you need to get your certification and that job promotion while you’re at it!

If you’re still uncertain about Project Management training or if you want more information about PMP check us out on the PMP Daily or at our website!

Hundred’s of thousands of dollars available for training in the Tampa Bay Area!


Are you tired of your budget taking it in the shorts?  Why not get briefed at our executive luncheon seminar and see how to qualify for government training grants!  New funding is now available for all Tampa Bay Area counties!  Get ahead of the power curve!  $400,000 immediately available for Hillsborough County!  Hundreds of Thousands of training dollars could go unused unless you act now.

Wednesday, June 19th Noon to 1:00 PM with lunch provided.

Take advantage of Florida Training Grant Programs.  So many times, the business community looked on with skepticism at programs offered by their government.  Something that sounds “too good to be true” usually lives up to that thought.  The training grants for businesses offered by the Hillsborough County regional workforce board and the state of Florida; however, really are a good value.

You may be asking yourself, “How can a culture of learning can help your sales organization?”  “Research has found that people tend to have a better quality of work under pressure when they are trying to learn, then when they are trying to meet specific performance goals”, According to Jim Keenan. “While performance goals should remain a key part of the sales environment.  Sales leaders should focus on creating a culture of learning.”  He wrote.

More details are available at .  Hundreds of classes and thousands of guaranteed to run dates are available at . Do not take it for granted!  Sign up now as seating is limited.  Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 Noon – 1PM!  Hosted by New Horizons of Tampa Bay.  5402 W. Laurel Street, Suite 200, Tampa Florida 33607.  Call (813)387-3509 or email us at to reserve your seat today.