How much are we really using the internet?!

 In today’s society we use more internet in 1 second than we used during the entire year of 1993!


That doesn’t really come as a surprise considering the moment we walk into a new place our first question is more than likely going to be, “What’s the password for your WiFi?”. With new technology coming out faster than we can keep up, we are finding ourselves constantly on the internet. Whether we’re just scrolling through Facebook to catch up with friends and family or we’re replying to a work email. Our internet usage has increased so much, in fact, that the world’s usage in a single second surpasses that which was used by the world in the entire year of 1993.

In 1993, only around 1-3% of classrooms and 23% percent of people had access to the internet, and it was not at all commercialized, though that would change completely by 1995. Now the internet is in nearly every household and every public building. You can almost get internet on any public street. It is reported that 1.2 billion people own and/or are using some kind of smartphone regularly, not to mention those who have them, but let them stay idle most of the time.

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Hiring more Women in the Technology Industry.

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As most of the population knows, the Information Technology field is dominated by men; however, a Manhattan-based nonprofit group, Girls Who Code, is trying to change all of that.  As part of an 8 week program 20 high school girls learned software programming, public speaking, product development and other crucial skills needed to prepare them for careers in the technology industry.

Girls Who Code is one of the many programs attempting to narrow the gender gap in the technology field by getting the young ladies attention early while they are still deciding their career paths.  With names like Hackbright Academy, Girl Develop It, Black Girls Code and Girls Teaching Girls to Code, these programs are attempting to change the image of computer science by making it more appealing.

Even though over half of the work force are females, under a quarter of the computing and technical jobs are held by women, according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology based at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Many networking and advocacy groups have attempted to address the issue by coaching females on building start-ups, raising venture capital and climbing the management ranks at major companies.  Recently, the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, published a  best-selling book, “lean In,” for women to pursue their ambition in the workplace.

Even with all the pushing, the number of women entering the technology industry has been declining.  Females are only earning 12 percent of the computer science degrees, down form the 37 percent of degrees back in 1984.  Industry recruiters and executives are saying that women just aren’t walking in their doors seeking work.

Chief technology officer at Twitter, Adam Messinger, who is also on the board of Girls Who Code, said, “We actively recruit women, but there’s just not many woman who want to do this kind of work and are equipped to do the work from their education.”

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Love life not the same? This may be the why!


Texting is often considered the bare minimum form of communication, especially when it comes to romance.  I mean confirming plans is one thing , but expressing deep emotions and feelings?  Now that’s a different story.

This was made clear when Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears quarterback, made fun at his fiance’s story about their second engagement and how she, reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, jumped to his defense.

Cavallari told E! News on an upcoming special about their wedding that, “I was in the airport, leaving Chicago … We had just spent however many days together and we were texting and somehow it came up, like, ‘Oh, shall we get married?’ We’re like, ‘Yeah, Okay.'”

The couple was first engaged in 2011 but broke up briefly before getting back together that same year.  Cutler got a lot of criticism over popping the question in such a causal way.  Cavallari begged people to leave him alone saying, “stop bashing Jay”.

For many younger couples, technology has given a new definition to romance and has not killed courting.

Habits like texting instead of speaking have many wondering if technology is getting in the way of true romance.  But let’s be honest, Chances are that many of the messages saved in your phone are more intimate than your standard pillow talk.

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Microsoft Showcase on Windows Server 2012 & Windows 8

Microsoft Showcase on Windows Server 2012 & Windows 8

Join us and Blain Barton, Microsoft Senior IT Pro Evangelist, on Friday, Dec 14th, 2012 from 1-4 pm for this exclusive Executive briefing. Seating is limited so register today to reserve your seat. We will be demonstrating new functionality and integration of Window 8 & Windows Server 2012 in your corporate infrastructure.

Reimagine Windows – PART 1

Windows 8 is the fresh new operating system from Fortuine 37 company Microsoft. Soon to hit the public market in, the operating system was released to manufacturers on August 1, 2012. It offers a highly interactive new start screen and boasts new fluid design and smooth and intuitive access.

Windows 8 Microsoft release

If you have used a Windows Phone 7 in the past, you will see the visual similarities instantly. The “tiles” being active and update in real time, allow you to see websites, playlists, photo albums, contacts, and apps all in one glance making intearcting with content faster and easier than ever.

Microsoft is truly integrating their products by using SkyDrive. SkyDrive was also avaialble on WindowsPhone7 and can now be accessed with your PC and is used to store your data in a “cloud.” With the cloud, you can start a project in one place and finish it in another without losing your data!

For our gamers, the Xbox has even been given some “play” with the new OS, allowing you to access apps, videos, music, and play them all directly through your 8 microsoft training classes

The last thing we will touch on in part one is the Windows Store, “designed for discovery” the Windows Store makes it easy to find apps without getting lost. Through category seaches and top app listings you can find compelling new releases in an organized fashion.

Now that you have a little glmipse into whats new for consumers, when you come back, we will go into what it does for businesses and developers.

By Jonelle Fisher

CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA is the way to learn about essential computer support skills and knowledge. CompTIA A+ will set you on a road to success by learning how to:

-Describe personal computer hardware components

-Install and configure peripherals

-Input devices, laptop components,

-Input operating systems such as Microsoft

-Perform basic troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance

-Describe basic networking and security concepts

-Perform basic safety and environmental procedures

This list goes on and on!

If you are interested in a future as an IT Professional or PC technician CompTIA A+ Certification will help you get there!

“CompTIA A+ certification validates
foundation-level knowledge and skills
necessary for a career in IT Support
It is the starting point for a career.”
– CompTIA

CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+

The CompTIA A+ certification is accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American Natioinal Standards Institute (ANSI).

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