Microsoft has revealed some of the features of Windows 8.1! The first update for Windows 8!

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Only seven months after its release, Microsoft has released details about its first major update, which is rumored to be named Windows 8.1.  The majority of the changes are based on user feedback and Microsoft’s overall plan for the operating system.

One thing they have worked on is more personalization options in Windows 8.1, with new colors and backgrounds to choose from for the start screen.  User will now be able to use Windows 8 devices as a unique picture frame if they like, due to the fact that the lock screen can show a slide show of pictures.  Users will now also be able take pictures with any built-in cameras without ever having to leave the lock screen with this update.

They have also enhanced the search and maneuvering features in the Windows 8.1 update, now giving global search results powered by Bing and quick actions to get to certain functions of Windows faster.

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$200 notebooks are on their way; however, which operating system will they feature?

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Are computer and tablet prices a little too high for you?  Don’t worry, Notebooks prices should soon be down to $200, but the majority of these devices will be powered with Google‘s Android Operating System and not Microsoft‘s Windows 8, according to one Intel executive.

Paul Otellini, Intel CEO,  last week stated that touchscreen PCs could debut at prices as low as $200 in the coming months.  When this statement was made, he didn’t mention which operating system these devices would run.

Intel executive vice president and chief product officer, Dadi Perlmutter, said to CNET on Wednesday that notebooks priced at around $200 will predominantly be Android products running on Intel’s Atom mobile processor.  Whether or not Windows 8 PCs hit that price is really up to Microsoft.

Perlmutter said, “We have a good technology that enables a very cost-effective price point,” and “[The price of Windows 8 laptops] depends on how Microsoft prices Windows 8.  It may be a slightly higher price point.”

If you would like to learn more on how Google’s Android Operating System is broadening in the laptop and notebook market, Click Here.

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Intel’s next generation processor has been announced!

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Yesterday, at its annual conference in Beijing, Intel talked about their next-gen “Bay Trail” tablet’s processor.  We are expecting to see some faster yet still energy efficient Windows 8, and even possibly some Windows 8.1, tablets later this year.

Vice president and general manager of the Mobile Communications Group of Intel China, Tan Weng Kuan, said, “[An] entirely new Atom microarchitecture…will [enable] the most powerful Atom processor to-date, doubling the computing performance of Intel’s current-generation tablet offering.”

Tan also stated that the bay Trail will allow designs, “as thin as 8mm (0.3 inches) that have all-day battery life and weeks of standby”.

Bay Trail will be packed with four redesigned Atom processor cores that are closer to mainstream Intel processors when it comes to performance.  A portion of the extra horsepower is brought on by the out of order design, just like the current Core processors,  and Intel HD 4000 graphics.

Bay Trail, and the Avoton server chip, are the first redesign of the Atom microarchitecture since they were launched back in 2008.  Just like today’s laptop’s Ivy Bridge processors, Bay Trail will use Intel’s 22-nanometer manufacturing process and 3D transistor tech.

If you would like to to read more on Intel’s next generation’s Bay Trail Processor, Click here.

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How Convertible Tablet Pcs are changing the industry!

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Microsoft and it’s partners are and have been preparing to change the game with laptops and tablets alike, so you better get ready.

Microsoft was criticized up and down for its Windows 8 operating system during its release back in October.  The truth is that Windows 8 was an operating system made for touchscreens, something that most personal computers lacked at the time.  Well, it has been four months since Microsoft has released and the major manufacturers, mainly Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo, have finally started to catch up with Microsoft’s innovations.  Convertible tablet PCs are finally hitting the shelves, which is what Windows 8 should have launched with in the first place.

Convertible tablet PCs come in so many verities  for different lifestyles; however, they are being named the future of all consumer electronics.  All top manufacturers have begun mass producing Windows 8 and Windows RT devices that are both laptops and tablets.  As a result, the convertibles can satisfy the needs of just about every consumer.  Whether you want serious gaming, serious portability, or serious business tools, there is a convertible tablet PCs to fit your needs.

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Will Microsoft wait for “Blue” to update Windows 8 Core Apps?

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There has been some concern over whether the Microsoft Windows team would wait until the “Blue” upgrade to Windows RT and Windows 8 to renew the Microsoft-developed, first-party apps that come with the operating system.

According to the rumor mill, that is just not the case.  Updates for Windows Mail, Calender, Music, and Games apps for Windows RT and Windows 8 may be coming as soon as this month.

Microsoft officials is refusing to comment at this time.  Blue is the code name for the operating system refresh for Windows 8 and Windows RT, as well as a number of other Microsoft products.

Microsoft official have admitted that the first-party apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT have some room for improvement.  Many users have complained about the Mail and Music apps, stating they seem more like beta apps.  Many Windows 8 and Windows RT users feel that even through these apps are free, they just are not very good.

Some changes have been made by Microsoft between the time that Windows 8 and Windows RT were released to manufacturing and when they went on sale.  While there have been some minor refreshes to the Xbox Music app for Windows 8, not much more has happened on the first-party app front.

If you would like to read more about Microsoft’s updates to their build in apps, Click here.

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Microsoft drops Hotmail? User will be moved to!

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Today, industry giant Microsoft has announced that its new webmail service,, is leaving beta testing and is now ready for the big leagues. now has 60 million users and will now replace, which has been up and running since 1997.

Hotmail users will still have their email addresses and their emails and contacts will be transferred over, they will now just get a new user interface and features of  Microsoft expects the Hotmail users upgrades to be completed by this summer. was designed with a similar look and feel as Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.  One of its new feature, Sweep, can move newsletters, promotional messages and other recurring emails into their own folders or the trash.

For more information on the Hotmail change over to, Click here.

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Microsoft Office 2013 Releases Today. They are Offering a New Way to Pay.

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After months of testing, Microsoft Office 2013 is being released today.  Microsoft Office 2013 has refreshed its looks and feel to be more visually similar to Windows 8.

Instead of paying for Microsoft Office 2013 all at once, Microsoft has decided to start offering superscription fees annually.  Microsoft Office 2013’s Home Premium, which includes such business basics as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook will cost $99.99 a year and include automatic software updates, 20GB of extra storage of SkyDrive (Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Service), 60 Skype World minutes, and use of Microsoft Office 2013 on up to five different devices.  This subscription plan would be a wise investment for most small businesses wanting to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013.

Microsoft Office 2013’s University edition will cost only $79.99 for four years; however, you will only be able to use it on two devices and this software subscription can only be renewed once at this price.

Microsoft Office 2013 will still be available for a one time price of $219.99; however, the whole push that Microsoft is trying to do with these subscriptions is to have their software update constantly, like a website or application.

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U.S. Department of Defense enters agreement with Microsoft

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The U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) have entered a three-year Joint Enterprise Licensing Agreement with Microsoft for enterprise licenses and software assurance.  This agreement was in effort to modernize technology, reduce cost and increase synergy through the agencies.

Covering nearly 75 percent of all U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), making it the most comprehensive licensing agreement between them and Microsoft.

All three agencies will now be able to begin using the newest Microsoft products.  These would include Microsoft Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 Enterprise and Windows 8.  This means that the different government agencies in a more uniform way then ever before.  The U.S. Army’s Network Enterprise Technology Command and the Air Force Program Executive Office for Business and Enterprise Systems having been working together With Microsoft on creating Army Golden Master and Air Force Standard Desktop Configuration for Windows 8.

General Manager of Microsoft Department of Defense Business, Tim Solms said “Microsoft has longstanding relationships with the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force and DISA, and we are honored to expand our support of ongoing technology modernization efforts across all three organizations.  This agreement enables us to provide the best technology tools to an incredibly broad range of servicemen and servicewoman across the DoD, and we are looking forward to implementing to support their mission goals.”

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