Insider information about the manufacturing of Google Glass!

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According to an insider, Google Inc. plans to make Google Glass with Foxconn Technology inside of the U.S.

Google Glass, one of the newest Android-powered projects by Google, is scheduled to be made by the Taiwanese company at its California factory, said the insider who has asked to remain  anonymous due to the fact that these plans are not public as of yet.

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, has been touting Glass as the future of mobile computing.  Brin also dubbed smartphones as “emasculating.”

As reported earlier today, Foxconn will be making the device.   Both Jay Nancarrow, spokesperson for Google, and Louis Woo, spokesperson for Foxconn have refuse to comment at this time.

Based out of Taipei, Foxconn is the World’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics.  They are also the primary supplier of Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  Its factories in China and Brazil make up to 400,00 iPhones a day.

Founded back in 1998 by Brin and Larry Page, Google has ascended the ranks to the world’s largest Internet-search company with an annual revenue last year of $50 billion.  Google entered the hardware business in 2008 with the release of the G1 handset with the Taiwanese company HTC Corp in attempts to promote the Android mobile operating system.

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BlackBerry’s financial future still uncertain, especially after the weak domestic release of the BlackBerry Z10.

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BlackBerry‘s outlook for fiscal 2014 will be key, Especially after the less than fantastic launch of the BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry’s launch of their newest phone, the BlackBerry Z10, has been weak in the U.S. to the point where some analysts are already downgrading the stock.  Simona Jankowski, analyst at Goldman Sachs, has removed the Waterloo, an Ontario-based technology firm for Goldman’s Americas Buy List due to the lack-luster launch at AT&T, lowering the stocks price target $2, from $19 to $17, and downgrading the stock to “neutral”.

Jankowski wrote, “We now assign a 20% probability of success for BB10, down form 30% previously, as the disappointing launch of the Z10 at AT&T reduces our confidence that sell-trough of the BB10 will be successful in the important market.”

Earnings prospects for the fourth-quarter are looking very good, and the consensus is that BlackBerry loses even more money this quarter.  The analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expect BlackBerry to post a loss of 29 cents per share on their $2.84 billion in revenue.

Kris Thompson, analyst for National Bank Financial, says that if BlackBerry can take away the fears of investors about the weak domestic launch of the BlackBerry Z10 launch domestically, then they could continue to demonstrate a bullish tone.

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Apple’s iPhone 5S is the technology talk of the town. We now have a rumored release date and some rumored features.

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Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray analyst, projects that Apple will more than likely their iPhone 5S sometime in June.

Munster also predicts that Apple will be able to sell 4 million units of the iPhone 5S before the end of the month and quarter.  This estimate is in comparison to the 5 million iPhone 5 handsets sold during their opening weekend.

Munster expects Apple to sell 30 million iPhones over the June Quarter.  This is a 15 percent increase form the same time last year.

What will the iPhone 5S offer over Apple’s iPhone 5?

Munster, like most analysts and Apple watchers, expects the new iPhone 5S to offer a faster processor, a better camera, and newer software features in the hardware.  He also thinks that there may be a slim chance that Apple’s iPhone 5S may also offer and NFC chip.

After last years purchase of security technology provider AuthenTec, Apple could take the lead to adding a biometric security feature, possibly a fingerprint reader, to the iPhone 5S; however, most experts think a feature like that is more likely for the release of Apple’s iPhone 6.

Analyst also expect Apple to release the highly-rumored low-cost iPhone in the September quarter.  This low-cost iPhone would assist Apple with tapping into a market for lower income consumers valued around $135 billion.  Munster estimates the unlocked price of a low-cost iPhone to be around $250.

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Some of the new features on Samsung’s Galaxy S4 make Apple’s iPhone 5 look a couple years old!

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In the middle of the battle between Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the experts are saying that if you are  into antique technology than the iPhone is for you.

If, on the other hand, you are more into the latest and the greatest technologies, then it might be better for you to get the Galaxy S4.  They are saying that going from Apple’s iPhone 5 to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is comparable to upgrading from a rotary phone  to a wireless handset in the 1980’s.  Listed below are four ways in which the Galaxy S4 makes the iPhone 5 look like it is years out of date.

Bigger, Fuller HD Screen

Apple was excited when it released it’s iPhone 5 with a 4 inch, 1136 X 640 (326 Pixels Per Inch) display; however, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has a 5 inch, 1080p Super AMOLED screen with 441 Pixels Per Inch.  What does this mean for the consumer?   How about full HD movies at their original 1920 X 1080 size.  If that doesn’t meet your needs, how about using a larger virtual keyboard?  We all know how frustrating entering text can be the first time you use a touchscreen.

Dual-Camera Shooting

The Samsung Galaxy S4 can shoot videos and photos with either its back-facing 13 Mega Pixel camera or it’s front-facing 2 Mega Pixel Lens or both at the same time.  Apple’s iPhone 5 only record from either it’s front or back lens but not both simultaneously.

Gesture and Eye Control

The more you look at consumer electronics these days, more and more electronic devices are using gesture control.  Samsung has jumped on this technology trend and even taken it a step further.  They have also decided to add eye control for good measure.  You will be able to answer your calls, switch to the next song, or even switch tabs in your mobile browser all just buy waving your hand in front of the screen.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 also has a new feature called Smart Pause.  Smart Pause uses the eye control feature to tell whether or not you are paying attention to the video playing on your new Samsung.  If you get distracted by the real world, Smart Pause will literally pause your video until you return your attention to the screen.

Superior Multitasking

As time goes on, more and more people are using their mobile devices for business applications.  As this use for our phones grows, the ability to multitask becomes a higher priority.  On the iPhone 5, multitasking consists of switching back and forth between applications hoping that Apple has put in enough memory to recall the previous app.

Samsung has decided to re approach the topic.They have decided to allow you to have more of a desktop feel when it comes to multitasking.  The Galaxy S4’s dual-view feature will actually allow you to run two separate apps side-by-side.

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Will BlackBerry be able to save itself with the Z10 or Will Apple and Android take them out?

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As the BlackBerry launches the new BlackBerry Z10 in the U.S. on AT&T, a lot is still up in the air on whether the new phone will stir consumers enough to make them believe in BlackBerry again.  Not only does it have to impress consumers, but the BlackBerry Z10 will also have to entice developers to make new applications.  Not only all that, but the BlackBerry Z10 also has to lure enterprise customers to buy the new server software to manage Android phones and iPhones as well as BlackBerry Devices.

With their shares being up more than 35 percent this year, an average of 65 million shares have been traded daily, Investors are clearly optimistic about BlackBerry’s future.  But because of today’s BlackBerry Z10 launch, those hopes must begin to face the music.  Will there be long lines for the Z10? Will their be any shortages?  Then, there is the biggest question of all: Is there enough room for a third mobile phone platform in this fast paced mobile arena?

According to IDC, Android is hugely in the lead with 70 percent of the smartphone market during Q4 in 2012.  For the majority, Android means Samsung these days; Samsung is still the only profitable maker of Android phones, because of this Samsung is the only one able to spend a decent amount of money on marketing.  Longtime telecom industry analyst, Chetan Sharma says that unless other Android phone makers like HTC, LG and Motorola can “score a surprise hit” with one of their new phones, they can pretty much just write 2013 off as a failure.

We cannot forget about Apple.  Even though Android has really taken the lead and out sold Apple’s iOS platform,  their phones are way more profitable.  Apple’s stock was down 13 percent in 2013; however, they are selling 10 times as many phones than BlackBerry can even imagine.

Carriers would much rather prefer to have many different smartphone vendors, because they want more pricing power.  This just doesn’t seem to be the case.

The future of BlackBerry is still uncertain; however we will keep everyone up-to-date on BlackBerry’s story.

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What are Google’s Plans for Android and Chrome?

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According to Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, said that Google’s Chrome and Android operating system will remain separate products; however, we should expect them to do a lot more overlapping in the near future.

Last week, Google said that the architect behind Android, Andy Rubin, was going to be moved to an undefined role in the company while Sundar Pichai, the man in charge of Chrome and certain applications like Google Drive and Gmail, is to take over Rubin’s responsibilities.

After his run as Google’s chief executive from 2001 to 2011, Schmidt is becoming more outspoken on issues involving world affairs and technology, and was recently in India as part of a multi-country Asian tour for the promotion of internet access.  After New Delhi, Schmidt will be visiting Myanmar, which is dubbed the last virgin territory for businesses in Asia.  This follows his trip in January to North Korea, which Schmidt said was a personal trip to talk about an open and free internet.

It is estimated that only about a tenth of India’s more that 1.2 billion citizens have access to the internet, Although that percent is increasing rather quickly with more growth in low-cost tablet computers and cheaper smartphone.

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Amazon wants to add more services!

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Wanting to add to their huge variety of services and products, Amazon appears to be talking to various music labels about staring a music subscription service.

According to “multiple sources” the talks “have been described as very informal.”

Amazon may be wanting to create an on-demand service for music, pretty similar to Spotify.  As their Kindles grow in popularity,  Amazon may be looking to compete with Apple‘s iTunes service.

In the last year, Amazon has added new features to its music buying program.  Amazon has implemented a Cloud Player which allows users to stream, download and manage their music using Amazon servers.  They even have an iPhone app for their Cloud Player.

Amazon has also added “scan and match” to Cloud Player.  This features allows Amazon to scan a user’s Windows Media Player or iTunes libraries in order to match their music to those in the Amazon catalog.  Then, all those songs, even though they are from multiple places, are available in Cloud Player.

Amazon has most recently released AutoRip.  AutoRip give the consumers free digital versions of their music CDs from Amazon.  These files will be stored in Amazon’s data centers and available to be downloaded through the cloud player,

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Analyst Compare Apple’s iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy S4!

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Analysts are now weighing in on yesterday’s release of the Samsung latest strike against Apple, the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Released at an event in New York’s Radio City Music Hall, The Samsung Galaxy S4 looks very similar to the Galaxy S3 but has an improved screen, camera and components, as well as lots of cool software features like language translation.  Samsung is making Apple’s iPhone look like yesterday’s hot smartphone.

Many of the analysts at Apple remain confident that Apple will be able to maintain its strong position in the high end of the smartphone market.  They have been noted as saying that the updates were more evolutionary than revolutionary.

Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, called the Samsung Galaxy S4, “an incremental update akin to iPhone S models.”  He noted that the updates largely were evolutionary and while some of the software features are “unique,” the improvements are “minor compared with what Siri was to the iPhone 4S or even Google now to Android.

Piper also expects Apple to maintain a low 40 percent share of the high-end market.  Head of Samsung’s mobile business and Samsung’s newly appointed co-CEO, JK Shin, told The Wall Street Journal that he’s not satisfied with Samsung’s market share in the U.S.

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Samsung reveals Galaxy S4, Apple might be feeling the heat already!

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As the battle heats up, Samsung Electronics Co. has recently showcased it’s latest flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4.  The Galaxy S4 has been given a bigger display and some unorthodox features such as gesture controls to help battle Apple Inc on its own home field.

The Galaxy S4, the first in Samsung’g highly successful Galaxy S-series line to make a global debut on U.S. soil, was revealed last night at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan.  Some of the industries experts were very impressed with the Galaxy S4 and its features, make it difficult for Apple to overcome.

Have you ever tried watching a video on your phone and missed out on some because of distractions?  Not on the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Samsung has added a feature that starts and stops videos depending on whether or not the user is looking at the screen.  You will also able to wave your hand to switch back and forth between photos and songs.

Chief telecom analyst at IT research outfit Ovum, Jan Dawson, had this to say about Samsung’s Galaxy S4’s newest features, “[These] are good steps in this direction, but they can be seen as gimmicks rather than game changers.  At this point, Samsung appears to be trying to kill the competition with sheer volume of new features.”

“For now, Samsung can likely rely on its vastly superior marketing budget and the relatively weak efforts of its competitors in software to keep it ahead.”

Whether the Samsung Galaxy S4 is successful or a big failure will be a crucial in their battle against Apple, which may be beginning to feel the heat.

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Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 have the same internals as the Samsung Galaxy S3?

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If Samsung decides to make the Galaxy S4 in the same fashion they did the S3, we should see two different versions of the Android phone with different internals.

The international version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will more than likely carry the Samsung silicon, while an LTE version in the U.S. opts for a Qualcomm processor.

Know we should know today  what’s is inside the Samsung Galaxy S4, and we may only know know the precise specs for the international version, there are two candidates, one being J. P. Morgan, based on the reports.

Whatever Samsung decides, there is no question that the Galaxy S4’s high-resolution 5-inch class screen, estimates saying 1920×1080 resolution, will need plenty of power to handle and manage all those pixels.

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